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Why Bilingual?

Social & Emotional Benefits 

Bilingualism helps to connect children with people and cultures in a more profound way. A bilingual child can explore new places, new ways of thinking and ways of taking in the world in a more dynamic way. A child with more than one language has a stronger interpersonal communication skills, helping them create deeper relationships with people, places the cultures of each. 

Cognitive Benefits

Bilingualism has shown to improve critical thinking skills, memory, focus, leadership skills, language learning, math & word problems, and even have long term benefits in preserving memory & intellect into advanced age. 

The First Step

Children learn through exploration and the first step towards bilingual learning is to be immersed in the language. A bilingual daycare can provide that stride at a younger age the early & better the language exploration. Let's take that first step together. 

​Little Linguists provides your child with a bilingual education, preparing them for social and educational success in school and life. Unlike traditional daycare and education programs, our Spanish language immersion program presents a second language at a youthful age, teaching children to comprehend, learn and think in the second language and therefore creating a true fluency in both their native language of English as well as Spanish. 


Read our F.A.Q. for a list of commonly asked questions related to bilingualism, getting started at LL and much more. 


LITTLE LINGUISTS- Hoboken's Language Nursery

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